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E-book: The #1 Negative TAX BELIEF Keeping Your Hard Earned Money OUT of Your Hands!

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About Course

This e-book will offer you a revolutionary way to look at TAX LAW.

It will cover the following points:

  1. The Why
  2. The 3 Buckets of Tax Debt
  3. Who Tax Law Loves

By the end of this e-book, you will have 3 POSITIVE TAX BELIEFS to install in your brain cells 🧠

This new belief system opens the door for you to:

✅️ Embrace tax education

✅️ Become a tax literate entrepreneur

✅️ Fight corruption

✅️ Start building generational wealth

via profitable, formal business ventures.


You could possibly live in Hello Tax Man energy! 😎

What Will You Learn?

  • The #1 negative tax belief that keeps your hard earned money out of your hands
  • Why you must destroy this negative belief
  • Identify which of the 3 buckets of tax debt you are in
  • Discover who tax law favours in life
  • Differentiate between tax EDUCATION and tax LITERACY
  • Decide to install 3 new positive tax beliefs into your psychology

Course Content

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  • The #1 Negative Tax Belief Keeping Your Hard Earned Money OUT of Your Hands

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 weeks ago
Great course. Simple and straightforward. Apart from the "WHY" the course can be improved by including the "HOW" to assist Employees, informal SME operators and formal businesses on the correct strategies to employ so we also can have more money in our pockets. Looking forward for more future courses on Tax Literacy and Education
2 weeks ago
It was very enlightening. Would love to learn more.
2 weeks ago
Taking this course helped me take on a positive mindset regarding Tax and Tax Laws. It also helped me to identify the tax debt bucket that I'm in and is a wake up call.
2 weeks ago
This course is very helpful and educational.I am grateful for taking this course as it will build my knowledge on tax especially PNG Tax Laws.
2 weeks ago
Simple and easy to understand. Thanks Vanessa

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