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Dominate your Business Money Management Foundations Digitally

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About Course

Are you a self-made Papua New Guinean Entrepreneur or MSME Owner who runs your own formally registered business?

Do you have big dreams for long-term financial growth so you have the capacity to inspire and help others through your business venture?

But here’s the reality check – when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting, and tax compliance, you’ve found yourself falling behind.

Let’s face it; it’s been a bit of a frustrating mystery, hasn’t it? The paper-work, the numbers, the forms, the deadlines – they’ve become a daunting puzzle. And as the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, scary financial risks bother you more and more!

👻 Horror Stories and Tax Penalties:
Maybe you’ve heard a story about your friend’s friend who got blindsided by the IRC who PUNCHED them SO HARD with a massive TAX PENALTY the business is still struggling to recover from?

Heavens forbid that was actually YOU! 😩

📧 Nerve-Wrecking Emails and Big Tax Fines:
Or perhaps you’ve come across those nerve-wracking emails threatening imprisonment for tax evasion, or seen posts from the IRC boasting about catching a big-shot business and slapping them with jaw-dropping tax fines for violating tax laws.

😓 Procrastination Woes:
You have the best of intentions to do something about bookkeeping more regularly and find out more about taxes. BUT, here’s the reality – you keep procrastinating, day after day… month after month… year after year! Yikes!

😬 Overwhelm!
Where do you even start, and where does it all end? And how the heck does tax work in your specific business? The IRC website, it’s Officers, Google searches including Chat GPT prompts don’t give you a straight answer! It’s soooo confuuuuuusing and frustrating!

If any of this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve met with many modern, highly-educated Wantoks like you facing this exact challenge.

That’s why I’ve created a smart, modern solution to transform your business finance management mess into order!

It’s all based on:

  • A decade of actual hands-on work experience as a CPA PNG qualified, Professional Tax Accountant in 2 Big 4 firms in PNG
  • 5 years observing modern, ambitious Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners like yourself to create solutions that increase your business financial literacy so you have the financial clarity to make profitable money moves
  • My exact finance management system & workflows that empower me to say “Hello Tax Man” to the IRC since August 2021 when I started bootstrapping my own start-up small business venture:
    Unicorn Emprise Ltd t/a Hello Tax Man

I’ve packaged this mentorship in a digital product for you right here on PNG’s first ever world-class Online Courses platform: Reelae Courses

Learn Anytime | Anywhere | On Any Smart Device!


Imagine an empowered YOU who confidently navigates your business’s finances, knowing exactly how to:

📂 Store Your Business Records Digitally:

Bid farewell to the chaotic mess of paperwork and usher in the era of organized, digital financial records with ease.

💰 Estimate Annual Income Tax:

No more shaking in the dark wondering how much you possibly owe to the tax man! You’ll confidently calculate your annual income tax, so you know what you’re dealing with each year since you formalized your business.

🔍 Legally Reduce Tax:

Learn the secrets to legally reducing the tax liabilities for your business, leaving more money to grow your small business.

🗄️ Organize Your Business Records:

Effortlessly streamline your financial records into a digital, organized format that sets the stage for long-term business success.

🤝 Collaborate with a Digital Accountant:

Equip yourself to collaborate effectively with a professional accountant, giving you the financial clarity you’ve been MISSING for profitable decision-making.

This course is for you, a self-made entrepreneur with a growth-mindset who started your business for the long-run!

Did you know that in Papua New Guinea, there are not just one but 2 distinct tax regimes?

And within these regimes, there are five specific income tax types!

Now, here’s the critical part: Only ONE of these income tax types applies to YOUR business!

To make sure you’re following the CORRECT tax rules for your specific enterprise, you need to know which one that is.

If you’re feeling lost, unsure about which specific income tax type applies with your Business Name or Local Company, this course is your guiding light.

You will solve that mystery AND take you 1 step closer to tax compliance by sourcing the digital copy of the EXACT annual income tax return forms for your business!

It’s time to seize control of your business’s financial future with confidence!

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back any longer!

My digital course goes beyond mere knowledge – it empowers you with:

  • A business money management system
  • My exact workflow processes
  • Practical Skills 
  • Digital tools, &
  • Actionable steps

By the end of the online course “Dominate Your Business Money Management Foundations Digitally”, you’ll proudly declare:

✅ I have a system to store my business records digitally in my cloud drive.
✅ I can confidently estimate the annual income tax (maximum) amount for my business.
✅ I know how to legally and confidently reduce tax on my business income.
✅ I can seamlessly organize my business records in digital form, upskilling myself to use modern finance management systems.
✅ I know what must happen next to achieve financial clarity for profitable business decision-making.

Don’t let financial uncertainty hold your business back any longer!

Join me in this transformative journey, and together, we’ll set the digital foundations for financial clarity!

TINGIM: You can’t GROW what you CANNOT measure! 

Do you really have the time, money & energy to drop business money-making opportunities to take formal education or another generic business training?

I’m telling you – it’ll take you at least 2 years in uni/college to learn business finance admin theory from people who probably have never run their own formal business venture. BUT you’ll still be MILES away from what my digital course will teach & guide you to build for your business finance administration!

My self-paced digital course is the escape route you’ve been looking for.


Special Beta Launch Price:


No more flipping through irrelevant textbooks or outdated lectures! I already did all the necessary:

  • Generic formal education & training
  • Practical employment experience in the field
  • Professional certification with the Certified Practising Accountants PNG

And I actually use what I teach in this course in my own small business! 

It’s my framework inspired from 14 years of hands-on professional accounting experience that a university degree DID NOT guarantee.

It’s the FOUNDATIONAL SYSTEM that effectively & efficiently gets me:

  • Eyes on the financial progress of my small business, while
  • Proactively complying with tax obligations.

Here’s the catch – this is the only time this course will be offered at this special beta price in a self-paced format.

In the near future, it will transition into a mentorship program with full live support, and the price will increase to reflect the added value.

So, don’t miss out! Invest in yourself to create your dream business.

Course Format & Time-line

The course content will be dripped over time, making your learning experience even smoother.

Here’s a quick schedule:

🗓️ Now Available: Module 1 – You are NOT your Business
🗓️ 7 January 2024: Module 2 – Estimate & Reduce Income Taxes
🗓️ 1 February 2024: Module 3 – Cash is King – Dominate it!
🗓️ 1 March 2024: Module 4 – Document & Storage Domination
🗓️ 1 April 2024: Module 5 – What’s Next: Financial Clarity for Profitable Money Moves

Of course, if you ever hit rough waters during this journey, don’t fret. I’ve got your back!

When you enroll, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive private Facebook group, “The Hello Tax Man Tribe,” where you can connect with me and your fellow Dominators for support.

So, if you’re a modern, highly educated, self-made PNG entrepreneur with a growth mindset and dreams of long-term financial success, this course is tailor-made for you. Gear up, grab your digital compass, and let’s set sail!

Here’s to Dominating your Business Money Management Foundations Digitally!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Set up a solid system to store my business records digitally in my cloud drive
  • Be able to confidently estimate the annual income tax (maximum) amount for my business
  • Know how to legally and confidently reduce tax on my business income
  • Seamlessly organize my business records in digital form, upskilling myself to use modern finance management systems
  • Know what must happen next to achieve financial clarity for profitable business decision-making

Course Content

FINANCE: Cloud Domination!
Build the framework of the foundational system to store your business records digitally in your cloud drive

  • Course Domination
  • Onboarding
  • You are NOT your business!
  • FINANCE: The cloud drive set up
  • Master Business Records for Personal Gain
  • My Money-IN Tools
  • Tax is like Pex!
  • My Money-OUT System

Estimate & Reduce Business Taxes
Estimate the maximum amount & know how you can confidently reduce taxes legally on your business income

Cash is King – Dominate It!
Start to organize your business records in your new digital filing system starting with CASH records

Document & Storage Domination
Elevate your digital tool kit to organize business records in your new digital filing system so you are ready to collaborate with a qualified accountant

What’s Next: Financial Clarity for Profitable Money Moves
Know what comes next to gain financial clarity for profitable decision-making

Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 Ratings
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3 months ago
Basics but it set things in perspective. Looking forward to the coming courses.
Marlyn Robert
3 months ago
It is a wake-up call for me personally to keep a record of every money coming in and going out. keeping record does not only tell how far we have come in business but also a road map for our future business activity.
Amos Magun
3 months ago
Now I started to know the importance of keeping proper records.

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