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Business Strategy
Business Strategy: You will learn how businesses develop and implement strategies to achieve their objectives, create a competitive advantage, and respond to changes in the market.
Analyzing the External Environment
In this lesson, students will learn how to analyze the external environment in which a company operates. They will explore the different tools and frameworks that can be used to conduct a comprehensive analysis, including PESTEL analysis, Porter's Five Forces model, and SWOT analysis. Students will learn how to identify key industry trends, understand the competitive landscape, and evaluate the opportunities and threats that exist in the external environment.
Business 101
About Lesson

In this lesson, students will learn the basic concepts and definitions of business strategy. They will understand the importance of having a well-defined business strategy and how it can give a company a competitive advantage. Students will explore the different types of business strategies, including differentiation, cost leadership, and focus, and learn how to choose the right strategy for a given company.

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