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Destroy your Business Financial ILLITERACY

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About Course

Are you READY to LEVEL UP your Business Financial Acumen?

You want your small business to grow and become financially successful, HOWEVER, you have money beliefs & core thought-patterns that keep you stuck in financial illiteracy. This online mini-course TRANSFORMS YOUR MONEY-MINDSET FROM:

  • Thinking that you are your business to –> Seeing your business as a BODY of its own

  • Making Money only to –> MANAGE money for long-term financial success

  • Running BLIND with your business finances to –> Getting your eyes on EXACTLY where & what to Level Up on

  • An Employee Mindset to –> a Business Owner mindset

“We were not taught financial literacy in school. It takes a lot of work and time to change your thinking and to become financially literate”
– Robert Kiyosaki, Author: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This is the first step to take with me towards better money management in your business!

The more financially LITERATE you become, the SMARTER money moves you make to achieve your money dreams!

The course is also suitable for aspiring business owners who have big dreams for their small business idea. It can be used as a money-mindset roadmap on that journey.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The first step to end your brukim bush business money management
  • How to transform your money-mindset to manage money for business financial success
  • How to look at the “body parts” of your business
  • Understand how money must flow to avoid the risk of business failure
  • Identify how your financially illiterate mindset destroys this flow of money
  • Find out if you are running your business with an employee mindset
  • Discover the exact foundational money management systems & processes that are missing in your small business that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential

Course Content

It starts with your MONEY MINDSET
FAILURE TO KEEP TRACK OF FUNDS HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AS THE MAJOR CAUSE FOR MOST BUSINESS COLLAPSES Source: https://irc.gov.pg/pages/know-your-taxes/record-keeping In this topic, you unlearn major mindset sabotages of business money management. The worksheets invite you on a self-discovery trip as a biz owner, and steer you to see the flow of money in a business organization, as well as identify what you need TO CONTROL and HAVE in place to get an all-round grip on your business finances. For those who run a business, you may be able to identify the over-all money-flow troubles in your current business processes. For those who don’t operate a business yet, you will become aware of the business processes that enable effective money management. This level of self-awareness empowers you to prepare your self for the next level of financial education and skill development to become a financially LITERATE business owner to achieve your money dreams!

  • You are NOT your business
  • You & Your Biz
  • This is YOU
  • THAT’s your business
  • The flow of Money
  • How You Destroy the Flow
  • Employee Mindset vs Biz Owner Mindset
  • Your Business Money Management Checklist

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Edwina Raikivi
4 months ago
Someone with no formal education about finance or tax, this was informative.
Lyn Mantu
7 months ago
Bravo Van, the course was very helpful. It start in the mind, de-programming the old habits and re-programming with healthy habits of money making and management. Am so grateful to attend this course. Thank you so much.
7 months ago
The best online course by far, short, sharp and helpful for both old and new sme business owners.
8 months ago
This course was extremely superb, I was thinking it will take me days to cover it but woop it only took me my lunchbrake to go through everything. I am so thankful, the courses was eloquent simple and posses an indebt knowledge.

Vanessa you the best 👌
10 months ago
Wow! All eight (8) lessons covered in this topic really served as an eye-opener for a "brukim bush" SME owners like me. Tbh, I belong to that group of Papua New Guineans who still uses collected revenue for personal purchases. I enjoyed every lesson covered.

I'd recommend this course to every self-made SME owner in PNG
11 months ago
Good practical content.
William Kipit
1 year ago
Very Informative and I've gained newer insight to see a business as an entity.
1 year ago
So grateful taking this course. The layout was easy to understand and I have learned alot. Looking forward to the next courses.

Definitely recommending others to take these courses.
1 year ago
Man I wish all my friends and family who are doing side hustles and running SMEs will go through this as the mindset shift that happens is essential for everyone to experience. It very enlightening yet presented in a clear and simple way. Thankyou Vanessa. Definitely eyeing the second part.
2 years ago
I wish I knew this before I started my business! I went in blind and learned as I went. I have picked up financial lessons here and there but its so good to have a platform where all the fundamentals are easily laid out and presented! This is the prequistie for anymore thinking about starting a business! This is the knowledge I wish I had before I started! This introductory course has helped me confirm what I have been doing right, what I have been doing wrong and exposing my knowledge and skills gaps! Looking forward to Part 2! So much value!
2 years ago
Content is captivating. I normally loose focus through an online course but I sat through this course .
2 years ago
Agreed. This course is true for most PNG SMEs.
2 years ago
Great guide for business owners and businesses alike.
2 years ago
best and world class
2 years ago
It was a good course. Good use of imagery and language to keep the course participants engaged and interested. The quiz was good but kept putting emphasis on one point only (I am not a business) would recommend putting the quiz maybe after another section so you can ask a range of questions to test knowledge. Overall great experience and will recommend for others to attend.
2 years ago
The course really gave me a good picture of why individuals and businesses are separate entities altogether. This course is very informative.
2 years ago
I learned alot
2 years ago
Awesome stuff! We need more of this type of education. Simply understood, very informative and comprehendible. All summed up perfectly! Thumbs up for an excellent job!
2 years ago
Amazing! Truly a great course, I am glad I signed up for this. Looking forward to completing the next course soon. For now, back to drawing board to work on my worksheet 1 & @2. Let's goooooo!
Leah Pondros
2 years ago
I loved how detailed and in simple layman's terms, the course content was explained.

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